Back Issue – July 2017


The 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster was the height of prewar American glamour. In Déco Delight, David Burgess-Wise charts the model’s history and encounters an example with an unlikely past / Mick Walsh reports from the fourth Vintage Revival event at the historic banked circuit and chooses some of his highlights in Montlhéry magic / Ferdinand Porsche vs Hans Ledwinka… Two of the 20th century’s most creative car designers often found themselves on parallel paths that  sometimes intersected, with surprising consequences. The real story of their rivalry is more interesting than the rumours, says Karl Ludvigsen / In Wolf in sheep’s clothing, John Warburton tells the intriguing story of an unusual Vintage Vauxhall saloon that has recently returned to the road / Paul d’Orléans travels to Villa d’Este, the most glamorous concours of them all, where this year a postwar Alfa Romeo took a surprise win / The Eric Longden light car was the eponymous creation of an Australian jockey and theatrical agent who had emigrated to London. In Steeplechase to motor race, Michael Worthington-Williams charts the history of Longden’s short-lived motoring career / For this month’s Back on the Road, Michael Ware visits a restored 1955 MG ZA


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