Back Issue – June 2017


The Harold Radford-modified Bentley Mk VI shooting brake might look glamorous today, but it was designed as a cynical way of dodging Purchase Tax. In Town & Countryman, Martin Buckley gets behind the wheel of Radford’s personal example / In this months Auto-biography, Matthew Bell travels to Devon to meet the seasoned historic racer, Richard Pilkington, and learn about his motoring CV / Between 1929 and 1935, Hotchkiss undertook a series of record attempts with an experimental streamlined racer. Paul Hardiman looks into the convoluted history of this car, which has recently been re-created in its final, Brooklands racing form in Arms Race / In SS Seduction, John Warburton discovers the appeal of the Jaguar SS100 when he meets a man who has restored one from a pile of bits / Stefan Marjoram visits the 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting / In Arrivederci, Fuoriserie, Douglas Blain ponders the lost years of automobile body design in Italy, as documented in two new books, and renews his friendship with well known stylist Tom Tjaarda in Turin / For this month’s Back on the Road, Michael Ware visits a rare 1909 Briton 10hp which was laid up for more than 40 years

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