Back Issue – December 2018


In the December 2018 issue of The Automobile… Hawthorn’s first racer, Mike Hawthorn, began his competitive career in this ex-Le Mans 1934 Riley Ulster Imp. Mick Walsh learns about its history from the man who bought it from the Hawthorn family in 1959 / A pictorial tribute to Britain’s first world champion – The Farnham flyer  / In this month’s Auto-biography, Matthew Bell meets museum curator Andrew Nahum / Osmond Rivers – The man behind the Empress Line – was the design guru at venerable coachbuilder Hooper & Co, but his dignified world changed forever when Lady Norah Docker drove into town. Giles Chapman presents the first detailed profile of this overlooked stylist / The convoluted history of the Donnet-Zédel marque is the subject of several conflicting accounts, but what were the cars really like? For Donnet dans son jus, Zack Stiling rides in an unmolested 1925 example / In Moth man’s motor David Burgess-Wise tells the story of the ex-Geoffrey de Havilland 1901 Decauville 10hp and investigates the model’s influence on Henry Royce / We report from the Oily Rag Run – our unique event for unrestored cars / For this month’s Back on the Road, Michael Ware learns about the restoration of a Austin Partner, a Danish-market version of the Austin Mini


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