Back Issue – July 2018


In the July 2018 issue of The Automobile… Launched at the 1948 Paris Salon, Citroën’s 2CV was a masterpiece of minimalism. In 70 years of the Tin Snail, Malcolm Bobbitt looks at the prewar origins of the car and its lasting impact on popular motoring // With the help of some rarely-seen images, Mick Walsh looks back on the tragically short career of Frazer Nash ace A F P Fane, a Boy’s Own hero  // The radiator of the Albert car aped that of the Rolls-Royce, but it was a much more modest proposition. John Warburton appraises a rakish G3 Sports Model from 1922 in The great pretender  // On a recent trip to Australia, Douglas Blain drove A Delage to die for – Phillip Schudmak’s Delage D8 SS 100 – and was suitably impressed // In The cars of Justice Lush, David Burgess-Wise, aided by a fascinating family photograph album, delves into the motoring history of the judge best known for sentencing suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst // In the second part of his series on forgotten makes, The also-rans, Michael Worthington-Williams describes the Princess, the HFG, the Silent Staines-Simplex and the New Hudson //For this months Back on the Road, Michael Ware reports on the restoration of Roger Hailey’s 1925 McLaughlin-Buick Standard Six roadster

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