Back Issue – March 2018


In the March  2018 issue of The Automobile… The name Kenneth Howes might not ring many bells with enthusiasts for postwar sports cars, but he designed one of the most stylish British efforts of its time. Scott Barrett drives a 1960 Sunbeam Alpine in Alpine attraction / A stately Rolls-Royce is perhaps not an obvious choice for the Monte Carlo Rally. In Monte Carlo – and bust, Tom Clarke and Will Morrison explain how one man’s love of using his in competition led to tragedy / Preston Tucker aimed to give Americans their safest and best cars yet, as Karl Ludvigsen relates in Preston Tucker’s bid for glory / Often maligned by sports car purists, the Vale Special of the 1930s, Made in Maida Vale, offered brisk motoring at reasonable cost. John Warburton gets to know a well campaigned example / This Type 3 Peugeot was possibly the world’s first commuter vehicle. As David Burgess-Wise discovers, in Italy’s first automobile, it also inspired Giovanni Agnelli to found what became Italy’s biggest motor manufacturer / Michael Gluckman’s restoration of his Amilcar C6, including replicating its prewar body, had only just been completed when an original C6 shell became available. He describes what happened next in his article Body language / For this months Back on the Road, Michael Ware visits a restored 1934 Hillman Minx


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