Back Issue – May 2018


In the May 2018 issue of The Automobile… The Tatra T97 is routinely presented as the basis for Porsche’s Volkswagen project, but it’s about time the model was judged on its own merits, says Ian Tisdale in Tatra’s junior streamliner  // In Racing in the snow, Peter McFadyen reports from the 76th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, which took place in somewhat wintry conditions // The advanced twin-cam Lea-Francis 14/40 1LFS was built in Southport by the Vulcan company. Plagued by poor reliability, only a few hundred were built and today just a few are left. In The Southport LeaF, John Warburton reassesses the model’s reputation // The Deep Sanderson 301 and Butterfield Musketeer are generally considered to be the first of countless Mini derivatives, but neither was launched until the end of 1961. Jeroen Booij has discovered there were earlier cars and charts their development in The first Mini specials // Sale of the century? Paul d’Orléans appraises the Guélon collection of early motorcycles, recently sold in Paris by Artcurial // In his article, A manceau marvel, David Burgess-Wise examines a rare 1899 Amédée Bollée 10hp Type D and tells the story of its Le Mans-based manufacturer // For this month’s Back on the Road, Michael Ware visits a 1924 Arrol-Johnston Empire



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