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Back Issue – October 2018


In the October 2018 issue of The Automobile… In 1911 this Rolls-Royce was driven from London to Edinburgh (and back again) in top gear. Later, it became the first Rolls-Royce to top 100mph. David Burgess-Wise unravels its history in The 100mph Silver Ghost / Matthew Bell meets ‘Nash man Alastair Pugh for this month’s Auto-biography / In Two-Nine triumphs at Pebble Beach,Mick Walsh selects his highlights from the concours d’elegance on the Monterey peninsula / The 12hp Vogue was the most glamorous model in the Humber range of the 1930s, helped by an association with couturier Captain Molyneux. In Motoring fashions, Zack Stiling examines a rare survivor / Part sports car, part limousine, David Brown’s Touring-styled Lagonda Rapide was one of the most beguiling four-seaters of its era and The finest of fast cars, says Martin Buckley / Between 1907 and 1957, the Douglas company of Kingswood, Bristol, built thousands of motorcycles. Lesser known was the firm’s short-lived motor car, several hundred of which were sold from 1919 to 1922. Michael Worthington-Williams investigates in Douglas: the Bristol twin / For this months Back on the Road, Michael Ware reports on the restoration of a Kieft Sports Car, one of only six 1100cc examples built between 1954 and 1956

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