About Us

‘The Automobile is the only motoring magazine that I read from cover to cover. When it arrives, treat all other magazines are put aside until I have studied it thoroughly’.

So says the eminent historian and critic Nick Georgano, editor of The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile.

That’s because, unlike websites and so many other magazines, ours is a joy to look at and handle – the sort of publication a gentleman is proud to display on his coffee table. Elegantly written, and stunningly illustrated, The Automobile feeds your passion for the hand made, limited production sporting and luxury cars of the prewar years. But there is more. The same original, in-depth research goes into our regular articles on the more interesting family saloons, cyclecars, minicars and racing machinery of the pre- and immediate post-WW2 era.

In his unique Finds and Discoveries column, which has appeared regularly since we started publishing 30 years ago, Mike Worthington-Williams chronicles an astounding variety of older vehicles salvaged from barns, collapsing sheds, farmyards, hedgerows and even the open desert all over the world. His unparalleled network of scouts and contacts makes this easily the most comprehensive such feature, and the one most readers turn to first. Other popular articles include our illustrated auction reports and previews, covering in detail major sales in Europe, the US and Australia as well as the UK.

Our news pages keep you abreast of all that is happening in the old-car world, while our regular accounts of important events such as Pebble Beach, the Goodwood Revival, Classic Le Mans and the London to Brighton Run are acknowledged to be among the most informative published anywhere.

Even our correspondence columns, so often just a puff for the publication itself, are models of perceptiveness, renowned for the extraordinary erudition shown by our readers in 44 countries.

If you, like so many enthusiasts, collect, enjoy or merely admire older cars of style and individuality, then you probably subscribe to The Automobile already. You don’t? Then click to subscribe here.