1938 Ford V8 Woodie

The car which perhaps most encapsulates the spirit of Oily Rag motoring, our Ford Model 81A Deluxe Station Wagon (Which is an awful mouthful, and is always referred to simply as the Ford Woodie) has not received any cosmetic attention for a good 40 years, but despite the lived-in look is a fully functioning and eminently usable motor car.

The first owner was none other than Sir Malcolm Campbell, who owned a Ford dealership at the time. It was supplied in ‘Bluebird Blue’ paint, still visible in places under the flaking later green it now sports. Since owning the car we have unearthed a sizeable amount of Campbell-era documentation which will no doubt form the basis of a historical article in the magazine at some point in the future.

We acquired the car in 2012 from our friend and contributor Robin Batchelor, who had owned it since 1986 and used the car to tow a trailer filled with ballooning equipment (Robin is a balloonist by trade) as well as transporting his young family around the local area. The Woodie has recently returned from a jaunt to France for the Vintage Revival at Monthléry, acting as support vehicle for the editorial Peugeot, with Robin once again back behind the wheel.