Oily Rag Collection

At The Automobile we don’t just write about old cars, we have our own collection of pre-1960 vehicles which we keep and maintain at our offices in Surrey. We favour cars in Oily Rag condition, that is to say those which are in a fundamentally unrestored state, preferably with original paintwork and interior fittings, but mechanically sound and roadworthy.

While we agree that concours restorations have their place in the old car world, we strongly believe the only way for a car to maintain a sense of history is for it to be preserved in as original a state as possible. For better understanding of the Oily Rag Philosophy, which goes beyond the motoring sphere and into all walks of life, why not visit our sister blog at www.oily-rag.net.

All our cars are used as regularly as possible, whether visiting national and international events or pottering to local VSCC meets, or even being pressed into service by the editorial team for their commutes to and from the office.

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1954 Lancia Aurelia B12
1938 Ford V8 Woodie