August 2017 Issue

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In the August 2017 issue of The Automobile

The current custodian of this 1937 Frazer Nash-BMW 319/55 has covered 250,000 miles behind the wheel. In The great all-rounder, Simon Charlesworth discovers what makes the car so appealing to drive.

For this month’s Auto-biography, Matthew Bell travels to Milan to meet Corrado Lopresto – the well-known collector and view his 150 examples of Italian exotica.

In Dealing with a Delage disaster, Douglas Blain tells how a major mechanical failure almost took the sole-surviving 1914 Delage Grand Prix car off the road for good, while Philip Guilfoyle explains how modern technology was used to create a brand new engine block.

Doomed by its audacity and now largely forgotten, the Hotchkiss-Grégoire was a technological tour de force. Ian Tisdale explores its background and takes the wheel of The last Hotchkiss – a rare roadworthy survivor.

The Société Anonyme des Ateliers Germain was a pioneer of the Belgian automobile industry and went on to become the country’s largest car manufacturer. For his article, Germain: the Belgian Panhard, Nick Jonckheere looks into the little known history of this important early marque.

We report from the celebration of the cyclecar in Festival of Slowth.

Michael Ware visits a recently restored 1914 Singer for this month’s Back on the Road.

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