December 2016 Issue

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In the December 2016 issue of The Automobile

As the son of its designer, it was only natural for Laurence Pomeroy Jr to own a Prince Henry Vauxhall and sing its praises loud and clear. In Pom’s Prince Henry, Vauxhall historian Nic Portway recounts the history of this important Edwardian sports car, precursor of the famous 30-98, and tells us why Pom’s own car is such a joy to drive


Matthew Bell travels to North Yorkshire to meet the seasoned historic racer who has owned and competed in an enviable selection of sports and racing cars over the past 50 years for this month’s Auto-biography: Neil Corner


Although 1.7 million were produced in its 10-year lifetime, the Chevrolet Corvair is sometimes labelled a loser. Few of its enthusiastic owners would support that assessment of the most radical model ever made by General Motors, says Karl Ludvigsen in Corvair: class and controversy


We report on our unique annual gathering of unrestored cars, Oily Rag Run, held this year in East Sussex and enjoying a vintage entry


In Une Périgourdine Charmante, John Warburton tells the story of the little-know n de Cézac car, made in the French town of Périgueux from 1920 to 1927, and samples a rare survivor


In this month’s Back on the Road, Michael Ware details the protracted restoration of a rare and handsome Morris 25 Special Coupé dating from 1935


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