December 2018 Issue

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In the December 2018 issue of The Automobile

Mike Hawthorn began his competitive career in this ex-Le Mans 1934 Riley Ulster Imp. Mick Walsh learns about its history from the man who bought it from the Hawthorn family in 1959 in Hawthorn’s first racer

A pictorial tribute to Britain’s first world champion – The Farnham flyer 

In this month’s Auto-biography, Matthew Bell meets museum curator Andrew Nahum

Osmond Rivers – The man behind the Empress Line – was the design guru at venerable coachbuilder Hooper & Co, but his dignified world changed forever when Lady Norah Docker drove into town. Giles Chapman presents the first detailed profile of this overlooked stylist

The convoluted history of the Donnet-Zédel marque is the subject of several conflicting accounts, but what were the cars really like? For Donnet dans son jus, Zack Stiling rides in an unmolested 1925 example

In Moth man’s motor David Burgess-Wise tells the story of the ex-Geoffrey de Havilland 1901 Decauville 10hp and investigates the model’s influence on Henry Royce

We report from the Oily Rag Run – our unique event for unrestored cars

For this month’s Back on the Road, Michael Ware learns about the restoration of a Austin Partner, a Danish-market version of the Austin Mini

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