February 2016 Issue

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In the February 2016 issue of The Automobile

In Declaration of Independents, Kit Foster looks at the turbulent post-WW2 history of the independent manufacturers who were treading a different path in an American car market dominated by Ford, GM and Chrysler


Sir George White Matthew Bell visits the scion of the family that founded the Bristol Aeroplane Company and Bristol Cars in this month’s Auto-biography.


When world-famous novelist Agatha Christie disappeared in December, 1926, she left behind one important clue: her beloved Bullnose Morris. David Fryer investigates The Mystery of the Missing Morris.

missing morris

In Flared Wings and Design Flair, James Fack reports on the recent resurfacing of a unique Derby Bentley and its convoluted history.


John Warburton visits a dedicated enthusiast for the Ulster TT races of 1928-36, who owns three original TT entrants in Tourist Trophy Trio.


In his story, Wild Cards of the Welfare State, Claes Johansson tells of a forgotten piece of Swedish transport history, when the seeds for a brand new people’s car could germinate in any backyard.


In the first of a five-part series, Sicilian Snapshots,  Simon Moore reveals the earliest motoring images from the albums of a noble Italian family.


Michael Ware visits a 1913 Morgan quadricycle in this month’s Back on the Road.


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