February 2017 Issue

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In the February 2017 issue of The Automobile

Simon Charlesworth tells the story of The Filton Flyer, the two Bristol 406S coupés, one factory-bodied and the other by Zagato, that bracketed production of the last model built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company


In this month’s Auto-biography, Matthew Bell travels to Guernsey to meet the motoring historian and prolific author, Nick Georgano, best known for creating definitive encyclopaedias of automotive manufacturers


During WW1, Herbert Austin owned a Hudson Super Six and is known to have taken inspiration from it for his own Austin 20. Based on personal experience, Kit Foster compares the two models in Sir Herbert’s Hudson


In the 1940s and ‘50s a pair of intrepid Czech adventurers used a series of Tatra vehicles to circumnavigate the globe. They detailed their trials and tribulations in several bestselling books, as Delwyn Mallett explains in Round the World with Hanzelka & Zikmund 


In Excellence in distribution, Michael Ware documents the history of Brown Brothers, celebrated purveyors of cycling and motoring accessories and, less well known, complete vehicles


Richard Hughes encounters the Southend Standard – a rare Standard Vanguard pick-up, now owned by the original custodian’s son after a sympathetic restoration which preserved its Oily Rag appearance


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