October 2015 Issue

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In the October 2015 issue of The Automobile

Jonathan Wood unravels the history of the long-wheelbase Squire owned for a time by Val Zethrin, who later bought the struggling company, and reports on its recent painstaking restoration.


Auto-biography: Matthew Bell meets the renowned former Jaguar development engineer and driver, Norman Dewis, and discusses his extraordinarily long and busy career.


Britain’s racing underdog Anthony Pritchard charts the rise and fall of Hersham & Walton Motors’ ill-fated competition cars of the 1950s, documenting their short but active existence.


Nick Jonckheere tells the story of FN, the Belgian manufacturer of armaments, cars and motorcycles, and visits a new foundation that seeks to preserve the firm’s history.


Michael Worthington-Williams traces the history of the short-lived JAP-engined JMB three-wheeler, built in small numbers in Ringwood during the 1930s.


In the latestpart of his Back on the Road series, Michael Ware reports on the restoration of a 1910 Thames Cynosure, acquired as a project at the auction of the Sharpe Collection in 2005 and now returned to pristine condition.


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