July 2015 Issue

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In the July 2015 issue of The Automobile

Long-term Tatra owner Delwyn Mallett surveys the pioneering use of wind tunnels in automotive body design, focussing on the influential work of Hungarian aerodynamicist Paul Jaray


Celebrating 80 years since the first use of the Jaguar name, Paul Skilleter looks at William Lyons’s initial forays into mass production and explains what these early cars are like to live with


Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2015:  David Burgess-Wise reports from the historic banked circuit south of Paris and from the hundreds of rare pre-1940 cars and motorcycles entered selects his personal highlights


In “Home, Allaston”, Mike Allaston’s family photograph albums detail the careers of his father and grandfather as professional chauffeurs. They spent much of their working lives in the service of Herman Andreae, a merchant banker and keen sailor who owned a succession of exotic motor cars


Michael Worthington-Williams investigates the pioneering steam and petrol-powered vehicles made in  Le Mans by the scion of a bell-founding dynasty in The cars of Amédée Bollée fils


In Memoriam: Pat Fairfield – Peter McFadyen tells the story of this successful ERA driver and the tribute to him produced after his early death by his racing rival and close friend Prince Bira



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