June 2015 Issue

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In the June 2015 issue of The Automobile

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing was never intended for production. After winning Le Mans in 1952, it just took off. Karl Ludvigsen, himself a former owner, explains in Flight of Fancy.


For this month’s Auto-biography, Peter Stevens Matthew Bell visits the well known automotive designer and enthusiast to learn about the origins of his interest in motor cars and the way they look.


Jonathan Rishton tries out an unrestored 1917 Stutz that was owned by A K Miller, legendary hoarder of cars from the Indianapolis manufacturer


Following on from last month’s look at the prewar French car market, David Beare turns now to the chaotic rebirth of France’s motor industry after WW2


The recent discovery of a pre-WW1 racing engine means the history books need to be rewritten. Sébastien Faurès Fustel de Coulanges and Henk Cloosterman present the results of their Franco-Dutch investigation in his article, 1908 Ariès: the first high-performance desmodromic engine.


Open to the public for nearly 50 years, the Caister Castle Car Collection remains unknown to many enthusiasts. Michael Ware pays a visit and reveals its treasures.

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