July 2016 Issue

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In the July 2016 issue of The Automobile

Former Lotus designer Peter Stevens tells the story of the design and development of the Type 14 Elite and explains just why it still looks so good in Breaking The Mould. Photographs by Stefan Marjoram.


Paul d’Orléans is lost in a sea of beautiful cars, motorcycles and people at Europe’s most glamorous concours event at Villa d’Este.

villa d'este

In Secret SS1, Rutger Booy breaks his silence to tell the intriguing tale of an SS Jaguar that has been under wraps in The Netherlands for decades.


Peter McFadyen visits a 1924 Aster 18/50 coupé, a rare example of this Wembley-built car, and delves into the firm’s multi-national background in ‘All that a good car should be’: The Aster.


Bill Munro explains, in his article, 4wd: The Harry Ferguson Research Cars, the little-known technical innovations of this series of four-wheel drive prototypes built between 1938 and 1959


Michael Worthington-Williams ransacks his archives to tell the story of ‘The Distinguished car’, the luxury automobiles made by George E Daniels in Reading, Pennsylvania, incorporating ‘European craftsmanship’ with ‘American experience’.


In this months Back on the Road, Michael Ware visits a newly restored Trojan Utility.


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