June 2016 Issue

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In the June 2016 issue of The Automobile

John Warburton steps back in time, in Sweet Sixteen, to the 1930s and considers the attributes that made the AC 16/80 such an attractive proposition. Photographs by Lyndon McNeil.


In this month’s Auto-biography ‘Hicky’ Hickling Matthew Bell travels to a ramshackle workshop in rural Worcestershire to meet a man with an all-consuming passion for Veteran and Edwardian motor cars.


The mid-engined Auto Union GP cars would be the making of Ferdinand Porsche’s reputation as an independent car designer. Bringing them to life in the turbulent 1930s was not a straightforward process, as Karl Ludvigsen explains in Porsche’s Magnificent Mavericks.

auto union

On the face of it, there seems little reason to make a road vehicle run on rails, but hundreds of them were converted. Michael Ware explains how and why in his article Running on Rails.


In Grand Touring on a shoestring: the Rochdale GT, Jeroen Booij explains why the innovative GT, designed by a young engineering student during his summer holidays, became Rochdale’s biggest success.


In this months Sicilian snapshots, Simon Moore concludes his look at a Sicilian family album with images from the 1952 Giro di Sicilia.


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